Theta Delta Chi’s 172nd Convention Recap

The 172nd Convention Recap : Beta Deuteron Turns 100

This year Theta Delta Chi held its 172nd Convention in Ames, IA. Ames is home to the Beta Deuteron Charge at Iowa State University. Chartered in December of 1919 the Charge is celebrating its centennial year. Theta Delts traveled to Ames to conduct business, attend Minerva Sessions, attend board meetings, and recognize Beta Deuteron for their 100 years of continuous activity and impact on the organization.

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The Business Sessions

Attendees arrived throughout the afternoon on Thursday. After the final meeting of the 142nd Grand Lodge the 1st Business session was opened.

The reports on the state of our Fraternity were given by the 66th President of the Grand Lodge Jason Dietz, Sigma Triton ’01 and Executive Director Brian Bertges, Sigma Triton ’00. As we continue to adapt to the current climate of Greek Life across the nation, Theta Delta Chi strives to set the pace, as we have introduced a new 360 Evaluation model. This model has the Undergrads, Alumni and Host Institution grade the Charge using the R.O.V. (Report of Visitation) rubric. Host Institutions have stated that no other fraternity is doing this but that they should. The Fraternity has also partnered with two new partners, GreekTrack and Ambition in Motion. GreekTrack is an advanced approach to Charge Operations, allowing Charges to manage almost all of their operations (finances, rosters, documents, recruitment, alumni contact, event attendance, and more) on a single platform. Ambition in Motion (AIM) is a mentorship program that is free for any Theta Delta Chi undergraduate member who meets all program requirements, it connects the undergraduate with a Theta Delt mentor. The relationship between the mentee and mentor is facilitated by AIM to ensure intended outcomes are met. We are extremely excited for the introduction of these two programs.

Brother Dietz then briefed the Convention on the proposal brought forth by the Standing Committee on Legislation (SCL). The first of the three proposals, was a language change meant to clarify the notification of fee increases. This proposal added dates to which the Charge must be notified by for any changes in fees. The second proposal was to expand upon “Revocation hearing” and create language that was more in line with what the hearing was about. The proposal added the language “Charge Support Hearing.” The third and last proposal was one to make the Preamble semi-public. The purpose being that the Preamble is one of the best tools we have to explain and connect of members to the organizational values.

To close out the 1st General Business Session, Charge Consultant Julian Weller, Mu Triton ’19, presented the following Certificates of Excellence:
Risk Management – Omicron Deuteron
Programming – Xi Deuteron
Inter-Charge Relations – Rho Triton
Recruitment – Rho Proteron
Campus Involvement –Delta Deuteron
New Member Education – Sigma Triton
Social Media Marketing – Tau Tetraton, @tdxjwu
Leadership- Lambda Triton

After Friday’s food filled day at the Iowa State Fair, the Omega Service, and the Beta Deuteron House Reception, Saturday started off with the 2nd General Business Session.

The Convention discussed and voted on the SCL proposals. The discussion of proposal one and two was swift, proposal three was discussed to some length as some Brothers were concerned with the implications of making the Preamble semi-public. After some discussion much of the Convention floor had come to understand the benefits of sharing our values and purpose with the correct recipients. The first two proposals were passed by the Convention, and will now be sent to the Charges for ratification by the CFO.
Charge Presidents should be on the lookout for correspondence from the Central Fraternity Office. This legislation will take effect only if ratified by three-fourths of the active Charges. It takes a simple majority vote for a Charge to internally ratify the legislation. Should any Charge fail to respond within thirty days to official correspondence their vote is counted in the affirmative.

The Grand Lodge

The Convention floor elected the new officers of the 143rd Grand Lodge. There were five positions up for election. These positions were President, Executive Member, Graduate Secretary, and two Undergraduate Members at Large. The second Executive Member Adam Marks, Nu Deuteron ’99 and the Graduate Treasurer Quincy Gottwig, Sigma Deuteron ’15 both had one year left on their two-year term.
Both Ian Karls, Sigma Deuteron ’17 and Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ’92 ran for the positions they held on the 142nd Grand Lodge, both have extended their terms for two more years. They hold the positions of Executive Member and Graduate Secretary respectively.
The two elected Undergraduate Members at Large were Manuel Valdez, Mu Triton ’21 and Ateka Gichana, Nu Triton ’22. Both terms are one year.

The 143rd Grand Lodge has a new President, after many years of service the 66th President of the Grand Lodge Jason Dietz, Sigma Triton ’01 decided not to re-run for the position. We welcomed in the 67th President of the Grand Lodge Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ’09. Brother Leuck is no stranger to the Grand Lodge, he was Executive Member on the 136th-140th Grand Lodges. Leuck also was recipient of the honor Theta Delt of Year at the 169th Convention in Boston, MA.

The 143rd Grand Lodge looks to continue the direction and progress made by its successors.

State Fair and Minerva Sessions

The Minerva Session on Friday featured a full day at the Iowa State Fair. This trip gave the delegates an opportunity to learn a little about the history and agriculture of Iowa. Among the more interesting exhibits and sessions at the Fair was the sculpture of a cow made from 600 lbs. of butter, three presidential hopefuls at the Des Moines Register Soapbox and numerous food vendors featuring pork products from around the State along with all things deep fried on a stick. Of special note was the video one brother captured of Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang saying, “Rush TDX!”

Saturday’s sessions were more subdued with three more formal learning opportunities. Bobbie Larsen, the Educational Consultant from our insurance broker Holmes Murphy, presented a session on “Your Social Media Presence.” This session gave participants the opportunity to think deeply about what they post and the long-term ramifications of this information.
The second presenter of the day was Carrie Geise from the Student Wellness Center at Iowa State talking about, “Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.” This topic was well received and offered insights into what it means to make sure all of our brothers are safe and mentally healthy.

Brother Rick Wood, Gamma Triton ’73, engaged delegates in looking deeply into our Constitution and Bylaws for the reporting requirements of various officers along with how membership status can be changed. Most delegates found reporting requirements they were unaware of and clarification about changes in membership status.

The Omega Service

One of the highlights of convention is the Omega Service which was conducted by Brother Patrick Tiernan, Chi Triton ‘99 at the beautiful Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Ames, Iowa. The service was non-denominational and featured passages and texts from a variety of traditions. During the reading of the Omega Roll Brother K. Davila, Psi Deuteron ‘01, delivered a very moving tribute to Brother William McClung, Iota Deuteron ‘66. This years’ service was a fitting tribute to all Brothers who have passed into Omega.

Beta Deuteron House Reception

Following the Omega Service Convention attendees made a short walk down Ash Ave. to the Beta Deuteron Charge House. Extensive renovations were made to the house in 2015 and 2016 as part of the Charge’s Renewal Project. Beta Deuteron welcomed guests into the house for dinner, socializing, and for tours of their new facility. The event was a chance for new visitors and returning alumni of the Charge to see all the changes and improvements made to the historic Charge house.

PGL Reception & Grand Banquet

The President of the Grand Lodge Reception and Grand Banquet are the culmination of Convention and the most attended events of the weekend. There is the presentation of individual and Charge awards throughout the night. The Educational Foundation also announcements the year’s scholarship winners as well as recognizing those that support them during the year with the Loyalty Cups and Charitos Presents award. The listing of all is awards is listed below:


 Our Scholarship Winners:
Davenport $4000

  • Peter Coleman Dranow, Alpha ‘21
  • Kevin Thomas Schweikert, Lambda Triton ‘20
  • Manuel Edward Valdez, Mu Triton ‘21

General $1847

  • Matthew Piper, Rho Triton ‘21
  • William Alexander Henry Schwartz, Gamma Deuteron ‘19

Porter $1000

  • Zachary Moore, Psi Deuteron ‘21

Individual Awards

  • Undergraduate of the Year – Michael Solazzo, Alpha ‘20
  • Alumnus of the Year – Ron Hallenbeck, Beta Deuteron ‘71

Charles P. Schmid Loyalty Cups:

  • Highest Number of Donors – Gamma Deuteron
  • Highest Percentage of Donors – Upsilon Deuteron
  • Chariots Presents – Patrick Tiernan, Chi Triton ‘99

Convention Awards:

  • Glenn Marston Travel Cup – Rho Proteron
  • Graduate Attendance Trophy – Beta Deuteron
  • #TDX172 Photo Contest – Brady Rowe, Psi Tetraton
  • Bruce R. Trefz Service and Philanthropy Cup – Beta Deuteron
  • Guy C. Pierce Improvement Cup – Alpha
  • Ritual Improvement Cup – Rho Triton
  • President’s Cup – Upsilon Deuteron
  • Theta Delt of the Year – Jason Dietz, Sigma Triton ‘01
  • Victory Cup – Delta Deuteron

Convention Guest Speakers

The banquet program also included three speakers, each with their own story about what Theta Delta Chi means to them and how the brotherhood impacted their perspective and life. Each of those speeches are available for viewing below. We look forward to seeing you next year in Ithaca, New York for the 173rd Convention and the celebration of the Beta Charge’s 150th anniversary!