Convention Recap


The 175th Convention of Theta Delta Chi was held in Schenectady, NY, August 4-6. This was the first in-person convention since 2019 due to the COVID pandemic and everyone was thrilled to be back in person.


General Business Sessions

The two General Business Sessions featured the elections of the 146th Grand Lodge, a debate about allowing Theta Deuteron (MIT) to recruit and initiate on a gender-inclusive basis, and sharing the successes of various Charges through the awarding of Certificates of Excellence. The recommendations of the nominating committee were uncontested and the 146th Grand Lodge was elected and installed as follows:

67th President of the Grand Lodge – Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ‘09
Graduate Treasurer – James Ambrose, Tau Triton ‘18
Graduate Secretary – Johannes Alvarez-Rivero, Psi Tetraton ‘22
Executive Member – Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ‘92
Executive Member – Adam Marks, Nu Deuteron ‘99
Undergraduate Member-at-Large – Rafael Olivera-Cintron, Theta Deuteron ‘22
Undergraduate Member-at-Large – Samuel Gonzalez, Xi Deuteron ‘24

A proposal was brought forward by the Stand Committee on Legislation (SCL) to amend By-Laws Article IV. The amendment is in bold:

By-Laws Article IV
Section 15. (a) Only male students shall be initiated who are at the time registered students of the college to which the Charge belongs. (b) However, Theta Deuteron Charge at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is permitted to initiate all persons who are at the time registered students at MIT.

The proposal passed and is being sent to the Charges for a ratification vote.

A motion was brought forth to approve a proclamation to recognize the contributions of Union College to the birth and support of the American collegiate social fraternal movement.

Certificates of Excellence were awarded to:

  • Risk Management – Beta Deuteron
  • Programming – Xi Deuteron
  • Inter-Charge Relations – Xi
  • Recruitment – Gamma Triton
  • Campus Involvement – Gamma Deuteron
  • New Member Education – Xi Triton
  • Leadership – Iota Triton
  • Social Media Marketing – Tau Tetraton

Minerva Sessions & Alumni Activity

The Minerva Sessions was divided into two programs. The first program saw most participants spending a half day at Mountain Ridge Adventures experiencing a ropes course, zip-lining through the forest, and other team-building activities. The second program was a more traditional learning opportunity featuring three presentations:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair – Bro. Michael Campeau, Sigma Deuteron ’22
  • Restorative Justice and Addressing Cyclical Harm in the New Member Process – Jonathon Dombro, Delta Deuteron ‘22
  • Marist ReCharge Retreat – GTGL James Ambrose, Tau Triton ‘18

An alternative event, saw approximately 25 alumni spend an afternoon at the Saratoga Race Track. With an Alumni Minerva session called Bootcamp conducted by Bro. Rick Wood, Gamma Triton ’73.

The Omega Service, Group Photo
& Board Meetings

The moving Omega Service was held at the Memorial Chapel on the Union College campus officiated by Brother Patrick Tiernan, Chi Triton ’99.

The Educational Foundation and the Founders’ Corporation held their Annual Meeting electing new board members and officers.

The Grand Banquet

The Grand Banquet was held on Saturday evening and was a rousing success for all participants. This year’s banquet featured a speech by Bros. Nick Whitman, Alpha ’23, John Lowry, Theta Triton ’13, and 67th PGL Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ’09. In addition to these inspirational speeches, the Educational Foundation awarded approximately $25,000 in scholarships:

Three awards of $1847:

  • Johannes Alvarez-Rivero, Psi Tetraton ‘22
  • Kobe Taylor Wright, Psi Deuteron ‘22
  • Jonathan Dombro, Delta Deuteron ‘22

Four Davenport Scholarship of $5000 each

  • Brandon Michael Cain, Xi Deuteron ‘22
  • Carson Fisher, Beta Deuteron ‘22
  • Shane McGuffin, Tau Tetraton ‘23
  • Joseph Castellano, Tau Tetraton ‘22

The awards portion of the evening is always an exciting highlight and we congratulate and recognize all of the following award winners:

  • Victory Cup – Gamma Deuteron
  • President’s Cup – Beta Deuteron
  • Improvement Cup – Sigma Deuteron
  • Ritual Improvement Cup – Xi Triton
  • Travel Cup – Iota Triton
  • Graduate Attendance Cup – Alpha
  • Bruce R. Trefz Service and Philanthropy Cup – Tau Tetraton
    • Undergraduate of the Year – Brandon Cain, Xi Deuteron ‘22
    • Loyalty Cup – Highest Number of Donors – Gamma Deuteron

Loyalty Cup – Highest Percentage of Donors – Upsilon Deuteron

  • Charitos Society Development Award – Justin Shirk Nu Triton ’00




  • Alumnus of the Year – William Hansen, Omicron Deuteron ‘74
  • Charge President of the Year – Joseph Castellano, Tau Tetraton ‘22
  • University Partnership – Jennifer Lykins, Union College
  • Theta Delt of the Year – Dr. Mark Webster, Alpha ‘88, Robert LoParo, Alpha ’87, Larry Sarchin, Xi Deuteron ‘77